Wednesday, 9 November 2011

North by Northwest

Despite being a big fan of the movies I tend to stray away from the old classics. I'm not really sure why though. I mean it is not as though all of my favourite movies need the latest and greatest amount of special effects. I quite like movies that are clever, and manage to allow you to spend an hour or so totally engrossed in the story-line. To me movies are about escapism, and in the days before special effects surely they had to try much harder to get that.

So as one of the first proper old movies I have watched so far in this challenge, how did it fair?

Simply put this is a great movie.

The simplicity of the plot and the way it manages to pull you through the various twists and turns is brilliant. The arrogance of Cary Grant's character holds the whole thing together beautifully, and to me at least made the film even more believable - I could actually see this happening to him!!

What surprised me most of all though was just how racy the whole film was. The scene with Grant and Saint in the train carriage is much more explicit than I ever thought a 1950s film would be.

Clearly I have got it wrong... maybe it is time to watch more of these films?!

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