Saturday, 5 November 2011

Back to the Future

Total coincidence, but the date that Marty goes back to is the 5th of November!! very spooky...

Anyway I couldn't quite end the evening having watched one of the saddest films on the list, particularly after such a long week. So I thought I would make it up by watching one of my favourite films from childhood. I think one of the weirdest things about it though is that I hardly remembered any of it!

As far as 'kids' films go this is one of the best.

Who hasn't dreamed of the idea of being able to travel back (or forward) in time - maybe not to nearly break your mother and father up before they have got together (although in my case I wouldn't be surprised if they would have been grateful for that!!) but certainly to just see what life was like.

The film itself is not the greatest film ever made, but I still love it. The perfect film to switch off too.


  1. Personally, I'll always prefer Back to the Future 2 over the first one. More gadgets, more time travel, more fun :)

  2. Oh how I have dreamed of that!!!