Thursday, 24 November 2011


I think Inception is one of those films that you either love or you hate. I am very much in the former camp.

Alongside the Matrix I think it is genuinely one of the smartest movie ideas ever. The idea of going inside someone's dreams in order to see what their subconscious is saying, then try to make changes to it without them realising - simply ingenious. Obviously the reality of it is completely ridiculous, how in God's name could you ever invade someone's subconscious!?!?

I am still scratching my head over some parts of the movie. In fact there are new things that crop up every time I watch the movie that make no sense to me. I still have questions of how Cobb makes it back at the end, of how if there is no gravity that the lift plummets to the ground, and why no one tries to properly make out with Ellen Page!?! This time my question revolves around how Arthur knows exactly what he needs to do when they enter his subconscious, yet everyone else struggles to remember why they are there.

Having said that I do love a movie that makes you think. There are some movies out there (even one of my favourite movies, Usual Suspects) that you can only really watch once or twice, because once you know what happens in the end it loses its magic slightly. With Inception I genuinely think I could watch it a dozen times and still have questions about the film.

Christopher Nolan is an absolute genius. The cast is brilliant, and Ellen Page is totally underrated... Definitely one to watch.

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