Friday, 11 November 2011

Forrest Gump

I started watching this movie this evening because I was in the mood for a film that would make me laugh - I had, however, forgotten just how sad it actually is.

I always find it hard when books or films try to force their characters to become important people, to end up lucky and for everything to be great in the end, irrespective of what they are trying to do. Despite this happening throughout the movie, it is done in such an innocent way that you just can't fault it.

The blending of history and fiction is done remarkably well, and you can believe that someone like Forrest could end up having done all of those things without ever realising he has done them.

I like the movie's simplicity. I like how deep down in all of it, it is a love story, and perhaps a supporter of the idea of fate. For me it makes me sad, when I try and figure out what my fate is destined to be.

A great movie, with some great acting. Definitely Top100.


  1. I like what you say but I still hate it! In summary - no mattter what disadvantages you have in life if you follow the rules and conform you'll be successful. If you break the rules and don't conform you'll die, probably from Aids......J