Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Matrix

Over the last couple of years I have had the unlucky job of teaching RME at school - not so much unlucky for me I suppose but unlucky for those who were on the receiving end of my ridiculously poor knowledge of anything religious. Moral education I can just about manage, as long as it was do the exact opposite of what I was doing... we'll see how they all get on. My favourite thing however were the discussions with one class in particular about why are we here, does god exist, do we have free will to do anything, etc, etc. The best discussion out of all of them was what was real...

Which brings me to the Matrix. I defy anyone to watch this film and not question whether or not it has a grain of truth within it. As mouse questions at one point in the film, how do we know what anything tastes like?? When we see a colour what does that colour actually look like to each individual person?

This film totally freaks me out, but it is genius.

I've been told there are Christian allegories to be made here, but as I stated above I am pretty useless at spotting anything remotely religious. It does raise some great questions about the purpose of life, and what it all means. How hard is it to imagine that we are currently all existing in some form of dream state? Hell most of us seem to believe in some form of mythical being as a reason for us being here, why can't that mythical being be our own imagination?

So far this is probably one of the smartest movies on the list. It makes you think, as well as being an action packed movie - who doesn't enjoy the shoot-out in the lobby?!

For me this is a great movie, and well deserving of its top 100 status.


  1. I agree. Great movie - pity about the other two. Maybe a little harsh since they had a lot to live up to......J

  2. You aren't the first person to say that to me. Thinking I might have to watch the other two to remind myself just how bad they were!