Wednesday, 26 October 2011


So with about 20 million, squillion things that I need to do tonight I decided that it would be more productive to watch a children's movie for the second time in six months. A few caveats to that would be that I hadn't decided on the list last time I watched it and the other would be that lovefilm decided that this was the next DVD that I could watch. 

I should perhaps start by saying I don't hate the film. It is not my favourite pixar movie, which will always be Cars (closely followed by Toy Story), but it is certainly an enjoyable movie. 

As usual with Pixar it is their attention to detail that always impresses me. The ability to make you forget that you are watching an animated cartoon (obviously the flying house is a bit of a giveaway in this film), but their characterisation, facial expressions and even the way they have things move about the scene. 

I love the relationship between Mr Fredericksen and Russell, and the reluctance of a grumpy old man to become taken by the effervescent youthfulness of the young wilderness scout. Perhaps all the funnier for me knowing a couple of scouts who I imagine would be exactly like that! 

The film is slightly more poignant that the usual fair from Pixar, but at the same time the story is beautifully told. It certainly makes me think about the childhood dreams I had and why as yet I have not fulfilled them... although I am pretty sure diving into a swimming pool of money like Scrooge McDuck would hurt a hell of a lot! Still a boy can dream!!

Does Up deserve its top100 billing? No probably not. Certainly not while Toy Story is missing. But it is an enjoyable way to spend an hour or two when you should be working... 

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