Monday, 8 August 2011

It's a Wonderful Life

It’s sad to say but until yesterday I had never seen this movie; a Christmas staple that had somehow passed me by. I was therefore pretty happy that it had made the list (almost as happy as I was to have a disk from tesco film that wadn’t scratched to buggery!). 

I was slightly sceptical at the start... yes it was made in 1946, but why Capra thought the best way to depict angels talking was through the use of blinking stars (and galaxies) I am not quite sure. To me it was just a touch too corny, although I dread to think what Capra might have used if not for stars - I can just picture the costumes! Thankfully though the film got much better. 

The premise of the film is something that I think all of us ask ourselves in our lowest moments – would anything be different if I wasn’t here? At least I hope it is not just something that I ask myself... And I think the film demonstrates quite well the impact that one single person can have on all of those around him. Yes George Bailey is a little bit of a martyr, but I also know I would be much the same as him - my inability to say no has led me to continue doing a job that I resigned from last month! 

I also quite like the idea that everything that happens in life is tied to everything else - although if I am being slightly pedantic Harry Bailey would have been unlikely to have been goaded into sliding down the hill on a spade (how fun does that look!?!) by his brother if indeed his brother wasn't there! I like the idea of what goes around, comes around - with the simple message if you help others then they will hopefully help you when you need it. 

As always being a sucker for a happy ending, I very much enjoyed the film. 

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