Thursday, 14 July 2011

Toy Story 3

I think as I get older I have become more sentimental, either that or kid's films are not quite as happy and joyous as I remember. Certainly Toy Story 3 tugs at the heart strings from beginning to end...

First I have to make issue with the fact that the third in the series makes the list but Toy Story the original and greatest Pixar film doesn't?!? Someone somewhere will have to explain that one to me, my only conclusion is that TS3 only came out last year and therefore over time it will disappear from the list.

I was one of those kids who imagined that my toys got out to play when I wasn't there, I never really played with them myself mind so I suppose it was only right that I imagined that they could play with themselves. So the concept of Toy Story was one that I immediately found solace in. Also being someone in touch with their sensitive side (aka a big jessie) the idea of giving things up, or putting them into storage I find very hard to do - hell my favourite teddy from childhood is sitting next to me as I write this, and is probably one of the few things I would run into a burning building for (my old flatmates were a bit upset at this fact...).

I really don't think TS3 is the best of the trilogy, its a good film, but is largely carried by the same idea from TS2 and the original Toy Story. TS3 doesn't do anything particularly special but I certainly found myself wondering how they were going to extricate themselves from the mess they got into. A good way to wile away an hour or two, but definitely not Top100 material...

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