Monday, 8 August 2011

Raiders of the Lost Ark

I seem to be falling into the same trap this year as I did last year... all this free time over the summer should be spent making a big dent into the challenge. Instead I am woefully behind, and sadly not in blog posts but in actually watching the movies!!

With a quiet evening tonight I thought it was time to revisit good old Indiana Jones. Sadly it is only the first movie that has made the list, which for me is doubly sad as it is (of the original three) my least favourite of the trilogy. The Last Crusade is definitely the best of the three - largely due to Sean Connery, who for a while I was under the misapprehension that he was much closer in age to Harrison Ford than he actually is.

Anyway Raiders of the Lost Ark is a good movie, although I am a bit put out that is rated only a PG, some of the scenes are pretty gruesome - and thats not just the early 80s special effects. I am very much with Indy that there are one too many snakes around, and for that alone it deserves a much higher rating (and yes I am aware that being 28 there is no rating that would stop me from being able to watch the film!).

There is not much more I can really say about the movie. There definitely should be at least one Indy movie in the Top 100 (although this one wouldn't be my choice) and for a 1980s film the lead actress is surprisingly attractive!

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