Sunday, 12 June 2011


Reliant as I am on Tesco DVD rental, I take them as they arrive on my doorstep.

Which means rather unceremoniously the first film of the 100 is WALL-E... certainly not the one I would have imagined choosing to start the ball rolling!

I think this may actually be the saddest Disney film since Bambi, although is nowhere near the shear brutality of an American Tale - a film that traumatized me more as an 8 year old than my surreptitious viewing of Arachnaphobia, It or indeed Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting in Terminator 2... (unbelievably it is on this list - crazy people).

I think what makes this film work so well for me is that so much is left unsaid; the explanatory monologues that often plague Hollywood films, particularly those with unexpected twists, are unnecessary here. The problems in WALL-E's world are displayed for all to see, we don't need a news reporter or voiceover to explain what has happened and that is what is so stark about it all.

Yes it is a cartoon, but the parallels with our life of over consumption, monopolisation and living our life over the internet (Ed- yes I am aware of the hypocrisy as I type this on my mac, and then post it to facebook...) perhaps leave us with a warning for the future.

Oh and WALL-E and EVE are really cute together... God I hate being single!!


  1. I bet it's not as cute as Up! That really will make you hate being single.

  2. No I think it is cuter than Up... particularly with the whole holding hands malarkey...