Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Full Metal Jacket

Okay so I fell behind a little in the updating of the blog and I have about 15 movies to review! Thankfully I made a few notes on each one, although truthfully I have no idea what some of them actually mean so this might be quite short!!

The opening to Full Metal Jacket is brilliant. In particular I loved the sadistic nature of the Drill Instructor and how he cajoles and tortures these young men into the soldiers he needs them to be. The problem being that some recruits are just not cut out for military life and we see a truly disturbing climax to training with the killing of Hartmann and the suicide of Pyle.

The second part of the movie for me is less clear and I admit I got a little lost in what Kubrick is trying to show us here. It lacks any real message and seems to just be an excuse for showing some fighting and the usual collapse of discipline when the leaders get killed.

The brainwashing of the recruits and to an extent the futility of war expressed throughout the second half get this movie into the Top 100. After all for Vietnam who the individuals were and what they were fighting for were never really important - what mattered was that they were there.

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