Thursday, 8 December 2011

Citizen Kane

I'm clearly not enough of a cinema buff.

I say that after having watched Citizen Kane this morning, and I am left feeling a bit meh, by the whole thing. I believe that it is one of those movies that if you have any aspirations to make it as a playwright, cameraman or director you must not only have seen it, but also view it as the best movie ever made. For me as a casual movie watcher I am just not convinced.

For me the hype of the film is perhaps what gives it the reputation that it has, which I am not sure is completely justified. I think perhaps if I had seen this film back in the 40s and 50s I could be overawed by ingenuity of it all, but in today's world it is just a little bit dated.

The telling the story from different perspectives is an interesting touch, and is an idea that I could see working really, really well. The problem is that while the story itself is interesting, there are many people (including Shakespeare) who do the whole power hungry thing much, much better. I don't feel that having got to the end of the movie that I am really seeing the level that Kane would go to, to try and make himself happy.

Interesting movie, and yes it is a classic, but I think there are many better movies on this list.

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